Order & Delivery

Operation Hours

Business Hour: 11:00am – 11:00pm (Everyday)

  • Purchases after our operating hours, we will process your purchase the next day (at our operating hours which is 11:00 am)
Order Process Time

Usually your order will take 5 minutes – 30 minutes to complete!

  • it will take some time to complete if there are “in-game events”. Process Time will take time


30 minutes – 1 hour more if there are “In-Game Events”!

Order didn't received?
  • The order process is 5 minutes to 30 minutes (If there are no “In-Game Events”), If there are “In-Game Events” your order will have some ‘Delays’.


30 minutes – 1 hour more to be ready!


  • If you order after 11:00 pm (operation time) we will process your order the next day at 11:00 am (operation start time)
  • If you order still did not receive at the appointed time, please contact our ‘customer service’ via LIVECHAT or WHATSAPP!

Can i Order Thru Whatsapp or Telegram?

Yes you can! if you don’t know how to purchase thru our website, you can purchase it thru Whatsapp or Telegram as usual!


Whatsapp Admin: https://wa.me/60138830265/

Telegram Admin: https://t.me/acidclubmy/

Order Status Still "On Hold" after payment
  • If your payment uses “Manual Online Transfer / Manual Bank in (CDM)” please contact our customer service to submit your payment receipt! Because orders that make manual transfer  or Bank In (CDM), you have to update to our customer service for checking!
Can i Cancel & Refund Order?

Yes you can! You can only request for refund if we can’t proceed your order due to insuffiecient stock!

Important Note:

  • acidgameshop will only refund the amount of the price of the product you bought. not included with “merchant fees”.

Example : you buy 1446 Mobile Legends Diamonds for RM85, but because you use FPX Toyyibpay payment, you have to pay RM86. because Merchant fees are RM1. Acidgameshop will only refund you RM85, RM1 is not covered by acidgameshop!

Account Help

How To Check My Order Status?

Simple! You just click the 3-Line Bar at your Top Left Corner & Click “My Order”


Go to “Dashboard” > “My Order”

  • Please note that, you need to Login/Sign In first before you can see your Order Status!
How To Top Up Wallet?
  1. Login/Sign In into your acidgameshop account
  2. Click Dashboard
  3. Click Top Up Wallet
  4. fill in how much you want to topup & Click “Add”
  5. You will receive your Wallet Top Up Instantly!
I Lost My Password
  • You can click at “Forgot Password” at the Login Page & Insert your email for Password Reset. We will send to you, your Password Reset Email.

  • If Password Reset doesn’t help, please contact our Customer Service thru Livechat for help!
Can i Use Fake Number For Registration?

You can, but please note that if you still did not receive your order & our team can’t contact you thru Whatsapp because you did not put your Real Number, its not our fault!

Because we will contact our Customer thru Whatsapp if we got Problem with the order such as:

  • Invalid User ID or Server ID
  • Invalid Login Details
  • Server Issue/Top Up Delays
  • Wrong Region Top Up
  • Voucher Codes Delivery & more!
How to Edit My Account?
  1. Login/Sign In to your acidgameshop account.
  2. Click Dashboard
  3. Find & Click “Edit Account”

At Edit Account you can edit/custom your personal information, such as:

  • First & Last Name
  • Display Name
  • Email Address
  • Password
  • Profile Image


If you got any problem while Editing your information, feel free to contact us thru Livechat!

Can i Purchase Without an Account?

Yes! you can purchase without register an account on acidgameshop.


Soft Reminder:

  • You will not receive any Notification from us once your order are complete. But you can still check in game whether you already receive or not.
  • It will be hard for us to contact you if we got problem to proceed your orders!


What are the payment options available in Acidgameshop?

For available payment options, you can check here: 

Can i Pay Using Ewallets?

Yes! Ewallets payment method are available on Acidgameshop!

Ewallet Payment Method:

  • Touch&Go Ewallet
  • ShopeePay
  • GrabPay
  • Boost Ewallet
  • MCash
  • NETS
Can i Purchase Other Region Top Up?

Nope. Don’t ever think about it.


If you don’t know what’s your game account region is, you can directly contact us for checking!

I Purchase The Wrong Voucher Codes

If you purchased the wrong voucher codes, we can’t refund it. Sorry

Cute Questions

  • Acidgameshop has been established since 2020. All our customers’ purchases, we process all orders through a legal & safe website! we can also send you your order receipt from a valid website if you want it.

  • If you still doubt with our service, don’t buy with us because we are not the type who like to force our customers to buy!

  • We can only say that our top-up service is one of the cheapest & safest!

Is Acidgameshop Trusted?

This question are depends on you guys. We can’t force you guys to Top Up with us.

But you can check at our Product Page for our Valid Customer Review!

  • For Review that have “Verified Purchase” badge, are the real Top Up Customer Review

If that isn’t enough to make you trust us, we also have our own LocalBrand Product! you can check at our Official TikTok account! (Link below)

Can i Pay Using Credit Phone?

Nope. Sorry!

For payment via phone credits aren’t available for now!

Can i Pay By Cash?

Yes you can!

If you live in Shah Alam area, you can pay by cash with us. Because we are based at Seksyen 18, Shah Alam.

For more info, you can directly ask our customer service!